Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Vest Freebie

Hi All!
Can you believe it is already time for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas?
Where did the time go?

This week in class we had a blast working on our Thanksgiving Feast Costumes for next week.
So many of the students wanted to wear their vest home "Today!" even if the paint was wet! :P
 We painted the vests this year for some great large motor development with the brush strokes. We will finish them when they arrive at school Monday by fringe cutting the bottom.  This is great for fine motor and cutting skills.

Our Classroom and halls have been FILLED with these darling vests that have been drying ALL week!
We have been tip toeing around them and in some cases (oops!), walking right through them!  Gotta love Pre-K! :)

As I have been working on these cute vests, it has been hard not to think back over the years to when my very first Kindergarten class made these and when my own kids did to.  I also thought about how much I love my preschool families and all the cuties that have  left to move on to the big elementary world.  Not to mention all the siblings that will be coming up.  Anyway, I wanted them to have a little fun on Thanksgiving too!

Soooooo...drum roll please!
In GREAT THANKSGIVING for all the wonderful children and families that have enriched my life, I am leaving this Freebie for you!  It has step by step instructions on how to turn an old brown paper sack into a child's masterpiece.  It even has pictures for every step!  YAY!

You can downloaded it by clicking HERE which will take you to google docs, or you can get it in my store.
Please enjoy and share share share!

I would recommend using bright markers at home so they can use them right away.
And if you are lucky enough to have a child at ABC School this year...No worries!  They will be wearing theirs home on Monday.  Don't forget your camera!

Here is a pic of 2012!  Looking forward to next week!