Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cyber Monday Plus Tuesday Sale!!!

For years I have spent countless $ on high priced items to supplement my classroom and encourage creativity and life long learning.  About a year ago I found this WONDERFUL site and began purchasing many ideas and items here.  It is a marketplace for teachers like me to share their knowledge, talents and ideas.  The best thing is...we pay each other for the things we need in our classroom (not some big box store!)
This fall I took the leap and decided that I wanted to share the things that were working here at ABC School with others so I joined as a seller.
All of us know teachers.  They are our sisters, brothers, friend, neighbors and parents.  And most importantly someone our children spend most of their time with.  Please join me in celebrating Thanksgiving by letting your teacher friends know about this wonderful site and the abundance resources available to them!
PLUS!  I am having a sell this weekend along with other fabulous teachers!  All my products will be 20% off plus an additional 10% off.  Just use promo code CMT12

There is also a FABULOUS sale at Teachers Notebook where all proceeds go directly to the Teacher!  YAY!  Happy Shopping!

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