Saturday, November 10, 2012

More Turkey Trouble

Here is a cute new version of Tom the Turkey with the Terrible Temper.
The original is included as well as my own adapted version for a school setting!

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Review Color words, Celebrate Thanksgiving and discuss feelings and emotions with this colorful story about Tom. I DID NOT write this cute story. It is one I have had in my files for years. My students LOVE to hear it every year during the month of November. That being said, I looked online to find the original author and couldn’t find him/her.

I do not take any credit for this story. If you happen to know the original author, please contact me so I can give them credit and thank them!

Also included is my own revised version of this story to fit my classroom. Use which ever one suites your needs and ENJOY!

Laminate Turkeys and create a flip book or have students hold each picture as the story is told.

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