Sunday, September 16, 2012

First Week Frenzie!

Our Classes are Fabulous and Fun!  We have picked right up where we left off and are cruising through our learning and adventures.  Below are some fun pictures for you parents wishing you were a fly on the wall!  Your children are brilliant and I am so blessed to have them in my class! :)

The first day back the children were greeted with  a ball of ordinary play dough...What could be exciting about that?  How about the hidden treasures inside!  You should have seen their faces as they found google eyes and pipe cleaners!  The creativity started to roll!   We had everything from monsters (do you think that had anything to do with our classroom decor?) to sisters that we were missing.

I love to make Koolaid play dough for class!  It smells wonderful and is so easy!
Here is my all time favorite recipe from way back when I taught at Weber State:


2 Cups Flour
1/2 Cup Salt
2 pks dry koolaid (to give color)
3 TBL. oil
2 Cups Boiling water.
Mix the Dry ingredients in a large bowl.  Add oil to water.  Then slowing add water/oil mixture while stirring. Knead until all mixed.  Be CAREFUL!  It is HOT!

Red Day!  This is probably my favorite day when everyone comes wearing red.  They are look so cute!

We had red play dough in the sand and water table along with farm animal.
The favorite activity of the day was CRAYON MELT.  We used an old warming plate similar to the one above, placed our color book page on it and colored.  The children were fascinated with the science and feel of the melting crayon.  BTW, we are looking for more of these warmers. Ask your parents or probably grandparents if the have one.  We would LOVE it!

We are learning a song that we can sing along with our color book.  I used it while teaching kindergarten.  It has been handed down from teacher to teacher for years.  I don't know who wrote it or where the tune came from...You'll have to have your child sing it to you...

Color Song verse 1
I had a red apple to nibble and munch, nibble and munch, nibble and munch.
Some purple grapes in a great big bunch.
One fine morning.

We also learning how to spell and write the word "red"

I like Red: sung to London Bridges
I like red, I like red, R-E-D, R-E-D.
Fire trucks are red,
Stop signs are red.
R-E-D, R-E-D.


M the moose munches!  We love love love THE AMAZING ACTION ALPHABET!
We also have an ABC Book we started today.
It says, "Letter Monster Letter Monster Munch Munch Munch, What letter is for your lunch?"
The kids love placing sticker monsters on the letter M and practicing writing them in their book.
We also made M&M cookies, Painted with M&M's, stamped Monster Masks with Marshmallows and discovered what we could do with rain cutters, blocks, and Marbles!

Snail Races!  In one class, we were visited by some snails...
What a busy week!  I will post about purple day soon!