Friday, August 24, 2012

Daily Schedule

Here is our daily schedule.  Please note the following colors for your child's time:

9:00-11:00  RED CLASS
11:15-1:15  YELLOW CLASS
1:30-3:30    BLUE CLASS

9:00, 11:15, 1:30
Welcome, Manipulatives
This is a time for children not only to separate from parents, but to increase large and small motor use, math & reading skill, and to interact one on one with the teacher.  During this time social interactions are encouraged and children are free to go to and from activities as they please.

Circle Time
Circle Time is set up for group instruction.  We will be singing, reading stories, and discussing topics related to the weekly objectives.

Center time is used to enhance all areas of your child's development and needs.  Weekly assessments and goals will be met through art, math, science, social interaction, diversity and other activities.

Snack Time
Snack time provides a relaxed environment for social interaction.  Parents will be asked to provide a health snack on a rotating basis.  You will find your child will be excited to have his/her turn to bring the snack and have the focus of that time on them.

10:3012:45, 3:00
Calendar Math & Literacy
Through the use of calendars we will work on letters, numbers, shapes, sequencing, pre-reading skills and name recognition

Outside or Free Play
Outside time provides the class with large motor activities.  While outside we will discover nature, explore possibilities, and assess each child's needs and interests.  As children are able to move about, this provides an opportunity for more one on one attention

10:501:05, 3:20
Story Time, Units, Music, Clean-up
Units will include various areas of interest and seasonal activities for the children.  During this time stories will be read to enhance the learning environment and stimulate a life long love of reading.  On occasion, special guest visitors and parent show & tell times will happen.

Please be on time to pick your child up.  When parents are consistently on time to pick up a child, the child will be more eager to come to school the next time.